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"Scala dei Turchi" (The Turkish Steps) is a white cliff in Realmonte (Sicily) made of a soft limestone and a blinding white marl. Natural erosion has created steps on the cliff face, making it look soft and sinuous, like a Big Meringue covered with sprinkles (the people sitting and walking on it).

Those waves of lava are from Etna's big eruption back in 2002, this eruption was so spectacular that was recorded by Lucasfilm and integrated into the landscape of the planet Mustafar in the 2005 film Star Wars: Episode III

"Penelope's wait"  

ManiaceĀ castle - Ortigia Island, SiracusaĀ 

Etna's craters 

"Driving on the moon" - Mount Etna

Black river of solidified magma flowing through the autumnal colorful forest

The Lava Oasis

Syracuse Sanctuary of "the Mary of the Tears"

Etna's craters 

Etna's main (active) craters 

Etna's soil

Fields and Ocean - Syracuse

Broken Cliffs - Syracuse

Coastline - Syracuse 

Panoramic view of Isola Bella coastline, with volcano Etna at the end of the scene.
Isola Bella from above, near Taormina
People playing Canoe Polo in Ortigia island, Syracuse
Solidified magma vs Forest - Mount EtnaĀ 
Island Lachea Acitrezza
Sea stacks - Acitrezza
Port - Acitrezza
Port - Acitrezza
Coastline near Taormina 
Lake of solidified lava, Piano Provenzana, Linguaglossa

Etna's craters 

Etna's craters 

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